Saturday, October 29, 2011

Week Eight: North Utah Woodsmen vs. OKC Lightning

The Woodsmen are coming off a large win and will come off the bus in OKC to face the Ligthning who are looking get back into the win column against North Utah.

AWAY: North Utah Woodsmen

HOME: OKC Lightning

Week Eight: Fargo Ghosts vs Ohio Ocelots

The high powered Ocelots will be at home this week as they prepare to meet the ghouls of the great North from Fargo.

AWAY: Fargo Ghosts

HOME: Ohio Ocelots

Week Eight: Chino Hills Honeybadgers vs Delta Geonerds

The Rabid Ratels are coming off an impressive win last week and are trying to improve on their fortunes as they prepare to take on the warriors of the desert: the Delta Geonerds.

AWAY: Chino Hills Honeybadgers

HOME: Delta Geonerds

Week Eight: Gresham BackCrackerz vs. Yukon River 49ers

The 49ers are tried to bounce back from being blanked by hosting the BackCrackerz in the frigid North as Fairbanks gets ready for this heated battle.

AWAY: Gresham BackCrackerz

HOME: Yukon River 49ers

Week Eight: Rapid City Badlanders vs. Bar 11 Simmental

The Badlanders are back on the road visiting the Idaho herd of the Bar 11 Simmental. This should prove to be a bash in the valley!

AWAY - Rapid City Badlanders

HOME - Bar 11 Simmental

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Week Seven Game of the Week: Bar 11 vs. North Utah

Week Seven the whole League of Awesomenicity! will be wearing brown in recognition of those who are fighting Rectal Cancer and those who have lost the fight and to those who are struggling right alongside them.

Ahmad Bradshaw leads the Bar 11 Simmental down to North Utah to face the Woodsmen and Aaron Rogers.

       Bar 11 Simmental                            vs                        North Utah Woodsmen

    Ahmad Bradshaw (B11)                                                     Aaron Rogers (NUW)

Week Seven: Bar 11 Simmental vs. North Utah Woodsmen

The Idaho/Utah rivalry gets heated this Sunday as the Bar 11 Simmental head down I-15 to take on the Woodsmen of North Utah in the LoA! Game of the Week!

Bar 11 Simmental
37.44     Final
North UtahWoodsmen   

AWAY - Bar 11 Simmental

 HOME - North Utah Woodsmen

Week Seven: Delta Geonerds vs. Fargo Ghosts

The Geonerds come off of their win against the Lightning to head to North Dakota to take on the Ghosts of Fargo.

Delta Geonerds    
41.40        Final
Fargo Ghosts

AWAY - Delta Geonerds

HOME - Fargo Ghosts

Week Seven: Gresham BackCrackerz vs. Chino Hills Honeybadgers

Chino Hills is coming off their first loss as the rabid ratels look to take on the Greshamites who want to crack the backs of the Honeybadgers.

Gresham Back Crackerz
81.64        Final
Chino Hills Honeybadgers       

AWAY - Gresham BackCrackerz

 HOME - Chino Hills Honeybadgers

Week Seven: Ohio Ocelots vs OKC Lightning

Ohio travels to the home of the Lightning to avoid going into the middle of the pack as OKC is hungry to get back on the winning ways against the Ocelots.

Ohio Ocelots     
81.12 Final
OKC Lighting

AWAY - Ohio Ocelots

HOME - OKC Lightning

Week Seven: Yukon River 49ers vs. Rapid City Badlanders

Rapid City is coming off a win in Chino Hills as they host the 49ers from the Yukon River this week in the Black Hills of South Dakota.

RapidCity Badlanders
56.96          Final
Yukon River 49ers            

AWAY - Yukon River 49ers

HOME - Rapid City Badlanders

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Week Six Game of the Week: 23rd Special Headquarters vs. Gresham Campgrounders

Week Six's game of the Week sees AJ Green and the 23rd Special Headquarters (Fargo Ghosts) travel to Gresham, OR to face off against Tom Brady and the Campgrounders (BackCrackerz).

        A.J. Green (FAR)                                                         Tom Brady (GBC)

  23rd Special Headquarters Unit                vs.                   Gresham Campgrounders

Week Six: Yukon River 49ers at Bar 11 Simmental

Week Six Throwback weekend will see the Yukon River 49ers show up in eastern Idaho as the Yukon River Mountaineers to take on the Simmental dressed as the historic Open X Rangehands.

Yukon River 49ers 64.40
Bar 11 Simmental 75.88

AWAY - Yukon River Mountaineers (Yukon River 49ers)
Top Performers - Frank Gore (RB) 20.60
                           David Akers (K) 13.00

HOME - Open X Rangehands (Bar 11 Simmental)
Top Performers - Ahmad Bradshaw (RB) 31.00
                           Tony Romo (QB) 17.38

Week Six: Ohio Ocelots at North Utah Woodsmen

The Ocelots wear their Ironmen throwbacks as they travel across the plains into the North Utah hills as the Woodsmen become the Ogden Axemen for this showdown near the Lake.

Ohio Ocelots 95.52
North Utah Woodsmen 95.14

AWAY - Ohio Ironmen
Top Performers - Drew Brees (QB) 18.42
                           Ray Rice (RB) 16.10

HOME - Ogden Axemen
Top Performers - Aaron Rogers (QB) 25.14
                           LeSean McCoy (RB) 19.90

Week Six: Delta Geonerds at OKC Lightning

Delta heads into the Throwback weekend dressed to the nines in their Oxide oldies as they make a visit to OKC in their vintage Lightning duds.

Delta Geonerds 77.18
OKC Lighting 67.04

AWAY - Delta Oxides (Delta Geonerds)
Top Performers - Mike Wallace (WR) 13.60
                           Philadelphia (DEF) 14.00

HOME - OKC Lightning
Top Performers - Mark Sanchez (QB) 18.54
                           Santonio Holmes (WR) 12.30

Week Six: Fargo Ghosts vs Gresham BackCrackerz

Week Six's Throwback matchup brings the Fargo Ghosts in their 23rd Headquarters Special Troops football uniforms from the 40s to Gresham to face the BackCrackerz in their Campgrounders unis from the 20s.

Gresham BackCrackerz 76.96
Fargo Ghosts 68.76

AWAY - 23rd Headquarters Special Troops (Fargo Ghosts)
Top Performers - Ryan Fitzpatrick (QB) 16.56
                           A.J. Green (WR) 11.10

HOME - Gresham Campgrounders (Gresham BackCrackerz)
Top Performer - Tom Brady (QB) 19.26
                          Jason Witten (TE) 10.80

Week Six: Rapid City Badlanders vs Chino Hills Honeybadgers

Week Six brings Throwback week as the Badlanders don on their barnstorming days when they were known as the Dakota Hilltoppers and will face off against the topped ranked Honeybadgers as they break out their Gasmen duds.

RapidCity Badlanders 114.68
Chino Hills Honeybadgers 87.48

AWAY - Dakota Hilltoppers  (Rapid City Badlanders)
Top Performers - Michael Turner (RB) 26.70
                           New York Jets (DEF) 23.00

HOME - Chino Hills Gasmen (Chino Hills Honeybadgers)
Top Performers - Cam Newton (QB) 17.18
                           Matt Forte (RB) 12.30

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Week Five game of the Week: Delta Geonerds at Ohio Ocelots

Matt Ryan hopes to help the Geonerds bounce back into the win column as they travel to the eastern Midwest to take on the Ohio Ocelots and their stonewalling Defense anchored by Haloti Ngata and Ray Lewis

        Delta Geonerds                                 vs                      Ohio Ocelots

      Matt Ryan (DGN)                                             Haloti Ngata and Ray Lewis (OHO)

Week Five: Yukon River 49ers vs North Utah Woodsmen

The Hinterland showdown takes place this weekend as the 49ers face off against the Woodsmen of North Utah.

49ers        106.70
North Utah        99.84

AWAY - Yukon River 49ers
Top Performers - San Francisco (DEF) 22.00
                           Alex Smith (QB) 18.80

 HOME - North Utah Woodsmen
TOP Performers - Adrian Peterson (RB) 30.20
                            Aaron Rogers (QB) 23.74

Week Five: Chino Hills Honeybadgers vs Bar 11 Simmental

The rabid ratels run to esatern Idaho to take on the Bar 11 Simmental.

Honeybadgers           117.36
Bar 11 Simmental 55.60

AWAY - Chino Hills Honeybadgers
Top Performers - Cam Newton (QB) 24.66
                           Calvin Johnson (WR) 19.00

HOME - Bar 11 Simmental
Top Performers - Dwayne Bowe (WR) 24.80
                           Chris Johnson (RB) 12.50

Week Five: Delta Geonerds vs Ohio Ocelots

The Geonerds are looking to bouceback as they head to Ohio to take on the Ocelots.

Delta Geonerds 33.58
Ohio Ocelots            104.36

AWAY - Delta Geonerds
Top Performers - Mike Wallace (WR) 15.00
                           Matt Ryan (QB) 9.58

 HOME - Ohio Ocelots
Top Performers - Drew Brees (QB) 21.36
                           Sebastian Janikowski (K) 20.00

Week Five: Gresham BackCrackerz vs OKC Lightning

The Lightning will get the ThunderDome ready as they host the Gresham BackCrackerz this week.

Back Crackerz         76.14
okc lighting         98.64

AWAY - Gresham BackCrackerz
Top Performers - Tom Brady (QB) 16.14
                           Shonn Greene (RB) 15.20

HOME - OKC Lightning
Top Performers - BenJarvus Green-Ellis (RB) 26.90
                           DeAngelo Williams (RB)  17.50

Week Five: Rapid City Badlanders vs. Fargo Ghosts

The battle of the Dakotas will be headquartered in Rapid City this time as the Ghosts battle the Badlanders in this nasty rivalry!

RapidCity Badlanders 99.20
Fargo Ghosts                 66.22

AWAY - Fargo Ghosts
Top Performers - A.J. Green (WR) - 15.00
                            Deion Branch (WR) - 13.40

HOME - Rapid City Badlanders
Top Performers - Fred Jackson (RB) 25.60
                           Philip Rivers (QB) 18.00