Thursday, June 23, 2016

Futbol as Football Series: FC Stal Dniprodzerzhynsk (Kamianske)

Futbol as Football Series: FC Stal Dniprodzerzhynsk (now Kamianske) of the Ukranian Premier League.

We've had a few guests to our blog from the Ukraine and this is my tip of the hat to them!

The team has undergone a MAJOR overhaul to their Badge and to their livery. If you look at the English Wikipedia and Russian Wikipedia entries for the Steel you will see their old crest. Going to the Ukranian Wikipedia page and the team's "Not Under Construction" website, you will see the new crest and the new uniforms from Joma on display.

This is a time where Nike, the team's former kit manufacturer, didn't have the better design for the squad.

Joma, on the other hand, has done a bang up job for the Steelworkers! And for my "Real World" design I chose Riddell to be the ones to outfit Stal. I went with Riddell's Cowboy Jersey option with their CLEM 10 pant design. Riddell has a MASSSSSSSSIVE colleciton of templates to choose from and you can choose from the simple, the tight, the trendy, to sublimation. 

That is the one reason it has taken me so long to get a new concept out: just recreating all the Riddell forms for my adaptation of Tim E O'Brien's templates.

For my "Generic", I tried to make a hybrid of both the Navy Jersey (with small, double hoops down the kit) and the white uniform (with a Navy and Sky yoke combination). This is one of the few times where I think I did a better job with the generic over the Real World. Plus, in order to keep up with C+ - I decided to add a tight yoke to my game.

Fonts used: Name on Back: Platiea, Numbers: Bender Inline, Team Name on Helmet/Front: Impact.

I'm kinda medicated right now so I'll edit this sunuvagun in a few. 

Thursday, June 9, 2016

Futbol as Football Series: Santiago Wanderers of Valparaiso

Futbol as Football Series: Club de Deportes Santiago Wanderers from the Chilean Campeonato Nacional.

This is a hello to the visitor we had from Chile and also in recognition of the Wanderers' cool Badge/Lettermark.

The club has fairly simple kits with the 2016 home being forest green sporting a sublimated diamond pattern, and the away is grey with pinstripes.

In my "generic template" designs I tried to replicate both the diamond (for sublimated shoulder pattern) and pinstripe for the body of the jersey. It maybe tooooooo much.

I admit it....

For the "Real World" designs I went with templates from Russell. Macron are the Port Men's kit manufacturer and for an American/Canadian corollary I went with Russell. Some of Russell's designs are not my favorite. They have some nice simple options yet it seems they've over designed some of their other templates. The jersey template (I'll get you the specs later on) can be a rough one if done wrong and looks decent if done right. They have a lot of sublimation options at their disposal and I intigrated my take on the Wanderer's diamond pattern for their sleeves. I kept the hooped socks and went with no stripes on the helmet.

Fonts used: Numbers: Squares Bold, Name on Back - Marty for "uinones" and Shibuya for the Q, Team/City name on front - Homestead Regular.