Thursday, November 16, 2017

Futbol as Football Series: FC Vaduz

Futbol as Football Series: #FCVaduz from the #SwissChallengeLeague from #Liechtenstein

I want to do at least one team from each of the #Principalities of Europe. I've done Luxembourg, I've done a squad from Gibraltar (yeah, I know they are a territory of England, but they're tiny and I'm lumping them into this list) and I will do one from Andorra, San Marino, and maybe transform AS Monaco into a squad.

Now, why Vaduz?

Their badge. Their Badge. Their Badge!


Dear me, I love it.

Since the The #PrincelyClub is an Adidas team and their kits from last year are pretty cool (theirs from this year are clean and simple, yet I like the sublimated hoops and think they'd been an easy transfer... maybe because I'm #lazy) and they look like they were made for the new #CFL's football jersey template.

Not much to say... It's pretty straightforward and I hope these #Gridiron concepts don't disappoint and properly represents the Pride of Liechtenstein!

Fonts Used: Number on Back - Soccer Jersey; Name - CAT North

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Futbol as Football Series: Ohod Club

Futbol as Football Series: #OhodClub from the #SaudiProfessionalLeague in #SaudiArabia

Here's another thank you to our guests from Saudi Arabia who have visited the blog.

I decided upon the Sun Club from Medina (according to - or the One according to after finding their away kits for the 2017 season.


I designed my concepts based on the squad's away kits and this was a BLAST to do! I've been wanting to do another uniform that would use a LOT of sublimation and  oooooooooooo. 

Getting the gradient the way I wanted to with Paint.NET was a bit trickier than I expected. Overall, I think, it turned out fairly well.

While checking out American Football squads from around the world, I came across some uniforms from the Serbian League with an #STX symbol on the front. Come to find out the Serbian company, #SPORTEX, supplies most of the squads in the SAAF and they do a pretty good job.

Seeing what they have done, via sublimation, for the #Kragujavec #WildBoars, they became my go to company for the Ohod Club. I used Sportex's template for the Wild Boars and the #Mladenovac #Forestlanders. (I would have used the company who supplies the #HOFJokers, but I don't know the name of the company)

I haven't made a brown colored helmet yet, and here was my chance! I based the design off of the US #NavalAcademy's helmet, the #Curitiba #BrownSpiders (from Brazil). They almost look the same as the Brown Spiders, and to differentiate the two I incorporated the mountains from Ohod's crest. I also used mountains for designs on the teams' shoulders.

Fonts: Name on back: Cairo Black, Numbers: Ardnas

Monday, November 13, 2017

Futbol as Football Series: XSKT Cần Thơ

Futbol as Football Series: #XSKTCầnThơ from the #VLeague1 of #Vietnam

A tip of the hat from a guest who swung by the blog from Vietnam!

Checking out V. League's crests, I noticed The #GreenBoys' crest and at first thought it was a whale.

Upon further notice: It is a dragon!

And the dragon is reflective of Can Tho's City Seal. 

It's a cool looking symbol (like Liepaja's and Olimpia Ljubljana's dragon symbols) and looks awesome on a helmet! I used the structure from the crest as a chest outline and also something similar to the chest circle from the #ACMEPackers throwback uniforms. (WHICH THEY SHOULDN'T HAVE DITCHED!!!!)

It was a good conversion from kit (produced by #KeepDri) to uniform! I transferred the shoulder stripes/yoke (which aren't my favorite) from their current jumper to both the Generic and the Real World kits. What sent me toward using 2K5 Athletics as the "Real World" kit was seeing the Starnberg Argonauts who have a roundel/shield on top of a gradient colored jersey. I thought - hey, they have the chops to try something like this and I think it would look pretty good!

Fonts: Numerals - Homestead Inline, Name - Norfolk, Wordmark - Oxford CP.

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Rugby as Football Series: Southland Stags

Futbol (Rugby) as Football Series: #SouthlandStags from the #Mitre10Cup #ChampionshipDivision of #NewZealand

#Rugby is also called Football. SO this makes this an acceptable entry in this series, right?

Ah, who cares!!

It's my blog and if I can do a Gaelic Football squad then I can do a Rugby squad!

We're heading to the Southern South Island for our next squad as I do my best to convert the Southland Stags, from Invercargill, into a #Gridiron squad.

I have to admit that their 2016 #CCC (Canterbury of New Zealand) kit with sublimated Stag in the woods is a humdinger of a jumper!

Also, their 2013 (-ish) jersey was replete with #NorthwesternStripes which I thought would be sublime for their "Generic" set. I experimented with Number placement, badge placement, chest stripes and shoulder stripes while using their stylized "S" as their helmet sticker. I also added a "Southland" wordmark across the front. 

For my "Real World" concepts I went with a company out of Germany called #TNKD ( They design some nice, sublimated uniforms for squads in the Grid Iron leagues of Germany, Austria, etc. I decided to go with their TNKD 5 template (one used for the Bad Kreuznach Thunderbirds) and incorporated on their purple jerseys the 2016 sublimation from their CCC tops. I used the skyline for the Southern Alps for their white tops to make a nice contrast highlighting the natural beauty of New Zealand.

Fonts Used: Numbers/Name: Perca, Wordmark: Real Stones

Friday, November 3, 2017

Futbol as Football Series: Kerala Blasters

Futbol as Football Series: #KeralaBlasters from the #IndianSuperLeague

 This is my long, overdue #ThankYou to the folks from #India who have visited the blog.

Love this team's badge! I worked it around so the Elephant is holding a Pigskin instead of a Futbol. Plus, with the way the squad has their elephant on the side of their jumper, this felt like the right time to get all sorts of experimental!

And, boy, DID I!

I used #experimental stomach stripes on the "Generic" template going with a whopperjawed/old school/Old Timbo-Rex (from Brazil) look to their uniforms. I incorporated the #ElephantTusk into the shoulder striping and decided to use a Paladin Rugby (see North Harbour (NZ)) style neckline to round out the look. 

The team uses #Admiral for their kits and I thought that a good corollary would be to use Kukri for the "Real World" template. I kept with the main "experimental" theme and chose to mesh Kukri's Helsinki and Holloway along with the "side elephant" to come out with this wild look!

Fonts used: Team Name - Sane Jaleh Font, Numbers/Name - Tigres UANL.


Thursday, November 2, 2017

Futbol as Football Series: GSD Molinese

Futbol as Football Series: #GSDMolinese from  #2aCategoriaPiemonteGironeM in Italy.

This is a tip of the hat to the GSD Molinese who liked my U.S. Alessandria Calcio post on Instagram. 

Their blue Errea kit is asymmetrical that is solid azul with one white sleeve. Their second kit is blue and white checkered and I decided to use this checkering as a base for my concept American Football kits. 

I used a checkered pattern for my Boavista (Portugal) concepts and I found it is time to try it again on a kit. 

I have gone back to my generic/Real World concepts having different feels. On my #Errea Football Americano "Real World" concept I have altered between the Yoke and the Bib where to place the checkers.  

I used the squad's castle from their badge and incorporated it into a Roundel for their helmet/pant/neck emblem. It turned out to be a pretty cool Helmet Decal!

(Sorry if this is more rambling than usual - I have a headache and my concentration is whopperjawed right now)

Font used: Hero.