Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Week Four Game of the Week: Yukon River at Chino Hills

Vernon Davis and the 49ers of Yukon River travel to the Sunshine State to face the Blood, Black and Chrome of Chino Hills and Wes Welker.

  Vernon Davis (YRF)                                       vs                          Wes Welker (CHH)


Week Four: Yukon River 49ers vs Chino Hills Honeybadgers

The Goldrushers head to the state of Sutter's Mill as Yukon River square off against the men in Black, Blood and Chrome: the Honeybadgers.

Chino Hills Honeybadgers
     158.96     Final
Yukon River 49ers

AWAY: Yukon Rivers 49ers
Top Performers - Alex Smith (QB) 17.54
                           Josh Morgan (WR) 12.50

HOME: Chino Hills Honeybadgers
Top Performes - Cam Newton (QB) 33.46
                          Matt Forte(RB) 28.80

Week Four: Bar 11 Simmental vs Fargo Ghosts

Fargo gets its first chance at home glory as the herd from Bar 11 make their way to the Roughrider State to take on the Ghosts.

Fargo Ghosts
42.98     Final
Bar 11 Simmental    

AWAY: Bar 11 Simmental
Top Performers - Tony Romo (QB) 22.24
                           Vincent Jackson (WR) 16.80

HOME: Fargo Ghosts
Top Performers - A.J. Green (WR) 12.40
                           Deion Branch (WR) 6.40
                           Brandon Pettigrew (TE) 6.40

Week Four: North Utah Woodsmen vs Delta Geonerds

The Beehive Brawl beckons the Woodsmen into the desert to take on the Delta Geonerds.

Delta Geonerds
       57.64     Final
North Utah Woodsmen

AWAY: North Utah Woodsmen
Top Performers - Aaron Rogers (QB) 46.92
                           LeSean McCoy (RB) 11.20

HOME: Delta Geonerds
Top Performes - Matt Ryan (QB) 18.24
                          Rashard Mendenhall (RB) 8.50

Week Four: Ohio Ocelots vs Gresham BackCrackerz

The Black, Gold and Spots head to the west coast after their week Three victory to take on the BackCrackerz of Gresham

Gresham Back Crackerz
120.34  Final
Ohio Ocelots

AWAY: Ohio Ocelots
Top Performers - Ray Rice (RB) 19.00
                           Baltimore (DEF) 32.00

HOME: Gresham BackCrackerz
Top Performers - Hakeem Nicks (WR) 22.20
                           Eric Decker (WR) 17.70

Week Four: Rapid City Badlanders vs. OKC Lightning

The LoA is going international as Rapid City and OKC travel to Sydney, NSW, Australia to face off in a color-on-color game down under.

RapidCity Badlanders
    117.28  Final
OKC lighting

Rapid City Badlanders
Top Performers - New York Jets (DEF) 21.00
                           Michael Turner (RB) 20.80

OKC Lightning
Top Performers - Detroit Lions (DEF) 18.00
                           Dez Bryant (WR) 16.20

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Week Three Game of the Week: OKC at Bar 11

Week Three's game of the week pits Larry Fitzgerald and the OKC Lightning taking on Tony Romo and the Bar 11 Simmental.

Larry Fitzgerald (OKC)                                                Tony Romo (BAR)


Week Three: Chino Hills Honeybadgers vs. North Utah Woodsmen

The only battle of undefeateds happens this weekend as Chino Hills travels up I-15 to take on the Woodsmen.

Final - Chino Hills Honeybadgers 102.94
          North Utah Woodsmen 86.28

Away - Chino Hills Honeybadgers
Top Performers - Wes Welker 35.60
                           Calvin Johnson 22.80

Home - North Utah Woodsmen
Top Performers - Aaron Rogers 23.18
                          LeSean McCoy 20.10

Week Three: Fargo Ghosts vs Yukon River 49ers

Fairbanks will be rockin' as the Ghosts come to town to take on the 49ers!

Final - Fargo Ghosts 60.70
          Yukon River 49ers 58.34

Away - Fargo Ghosts
Top Performers - LaDanian Tomlinson 21.40
                           Chad Henne 14.70

Home - Yukon River 49ers
Top Performers - Vernon Davis 11.20
                           San Francisco DEF 14.00

Week Three: OKC Lightning vs Bar 11 Simmental

Big Weather takes on Big Cattle as OKC head to the Upper Valley of Idaho to take on Bar 11.

Final - OKC Lightning 87.16
          Bar 11 Simmental 72.90

Away - OKC Lightning
Top Performers - Mark Sanchez 27.96
                           Niel Rackers (K) 15.00

Home - Bar 11 Simmental
Top Performers - Owen Daniels 13.60
                           Andre Johnson 13.60

Week Three: Gresham BackCrackerz vs Delta Geonerds

Gresham looks to get in the Win column as they travel to Delta to take on the 1-1 Geonerds.

Gresham BackCrackerz   88.88
Delta Geonerds

Away - Gresham BackCrackerz
Top Performers - Tom Brady 27.98
                          Maurice Jones-Drew 16.70

Home - Delta Geonerds
Top Performers - Mike Wallace 20.40
                           Matt Ryan 13.40

Week Three: Rapid City Badlanders vs Ohio Ocelots

Rapid City wraps up their road trip this week as they visit to Ocelots in the heart of SW Ohio.

RapidCity Badlanders    
Ohio Ocelots

Away - Rapid City Badlanders
Top Performers - Rob Gronkowski - 22.90
                           Fred Jackson - 22.10

 Home - Ohio Ocelots
Top Performers - Darren McFadden 29.80
                          Drew Brees 28.70

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Game of the week: Badlanders vs. Geonerds

I'm going to try and do a "Game of the Week" to highlight two teams in the fight for the Trophy of Awesomeness!

I'm only doing one matchup a week because this is TIME consuming!

  Rapid City Badlanders                    vs.                           Delta Geonerds

     Steve Smith (RCB)                                                   Miles Austin (DGN)

Monday, September 12, 2011

Week Two: Fargo Ghosts vs. Chino Hills Honeybadgers

The Ghosts head to Southern California to see if they can scare the relentless Ratels into submission!

Final Fargo Ghosts 57.90
        Chino Hills Honeybadgers 119.38

Away - Fargo Ghosts
TOP Performers - AJ Green 18.40
                            Chad Henne 12.40

Home - Chino Hills Honeybadgers

TOP Performers - Jeremy Maclin 29.20
                            Matt Forte 16.60

Week Two: OKC Lightning vs Yukon River 49ers

It's the battle of the 46th and 49th states as OKC head to Fairbanks to take on the 49ers

Final OKC Lightning - 94.58
        Yukon River 49ers - 49.06

Away - OKC Lightning

TOP Performers - Larry Fitzgerald 19.30
                            Mark Sanchez 16.18

Home - Yukon River 49ers

TOP Performers - Alex Smith 16.26
                            Frank Gore 12.40

Week Two: Ohio Ocelots vs. Bar 11 Simmental

The Ocelots take their onslaught of offense to the Gem State as they face off against the Simmental of Bar 11 Ranch.

Final Ohio Ocelots - 104.90
        Bar 11 Simmental - 129.30

Away - Ohio Ocelots
TOP Performers - Darren McFadden 24.30
                             Drew Brees 23.00

Home - Bar 11 Simmental

TOP Performers - Vincent Jackson 29.20
                            Tony Romo 21.80

Week Two: Gresham BackCrackerz vs. North Utah Woodsmen

Gresham tries to break the backs of the Woodsmen as the BackCrackerz take on North Utah.

Final: Gresham BackCrackerz 88.82
         North Utah Woodsmen 115.32

Away - Gresham BackCrackerz
TOP Performers - Tom Brady 29.22
                            Shonn Green 11.50

 Home - North Utah Woodsmen

TOP Performers - Adrian Peterson 26.10
                           LeSean McCoy 23.60

Week Two: Rapid City Badlanders vs. Delta Geonerds

Week two sees Rapid City traveling into the heart of the Intermountain Mountain west to take on the Delta Geonerds!

Final: Rapid City Badlanders 157.92
         Delta Geonerds 114.50

Away - Rapid City Badlanders

Top Performers - Fred Jackson 26.00
                           Michael Turner - 20.60
                           Rob Gronkowski - 20.60

Home - Delta Geonerds

TOP Performers - Miles Austin - 32.10
                             Matt Ryan - 22.40

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Week One: Fargo Ghosts vs. North Utah Woodsmen

The Ghosts go from the Central to the Mountain Time zone as they take on North Utah head-to-head in Brigham City.

Final - Fargo Ghosts 72.12
         North Utah Woodsment 115.58

Fargo Ghosts - Away
Top Performers - Colt McCoy 16.12
                         Atlanta (DEF) 13.00


North Utah Woodsmen - Home
Top Performers - LeSean McCoy 25.70
                         Aaron Rogers 24.58

Week One: OKC Lightning vs. Chino Hills Honeybadgers

OKC is hoping Lightning will strike for them as they visit Southern California to take on the Rabid Ratels of Chino Hills!

Final - OKC Lightning - 90.50
         Chino Hills Honeybadgers - 112.48

OKC Lightning - Away
Top Performers - Mark Sanchez 18.70
                         Dez Bryant 13.10

Chino Hills Honeybadgers - Home
Top Performers - Wes Welker 28.00
                          Michael Vick 23.28

Cheyenne Minotaurs - Riverbend Fantasy Football League

This is my uniform for the Riverbend Fantasy Football League. It's a cross between the front stripes of the 1920s-1930s with northwestern stripes for the shoulders. The purple color is a cross between Dr. Pepper red and Hershey's Brown.

The throwback has the circle on the chest like the 1930s-ish Green Bay Packers.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Week One: Ohio Ocelots vs. Yukon River 49ers

The Ocelots are taking the long trip to the 49th state as Ohio is taking on the Yukon River 49ers in Fairbanks, AK.

Final - Ohio Ocelots - 124.36
           Yukon River 49ers - 70.96

Ohio Ocelots - Away
Top Performers - Drew Brees - 29.06
                         Ray Rice - 26.90

Yukon River 49ers
Top Performers - David Akers - 15.00
                          San Francisco (DEF) - 24.00

Week One: Delta Geonerds vs. Bar 11 Simmental

The Geonerds will be heading up I-15 to take on their rivals in the Gem State as they take on the Simmental.

Final - Delta Geonerds 93.76
           Bar 11 Simmental 51.68

Delta Geonerds - Away
Top Performers - Miles Austin - 15.00
                         Philadelphia (DEF) 17.00

Bar 11 Simmental - Home
Top Perfomers - Tony Romo - 19.58
                       Andre Johnson - 15.50

Week One: Rapid City Badlanders vs. Gresham Back Crackerz

Then men from the Badlands of South Dakota make a trip to the Beaver State for an epic battle of universic proportions!

Final: Rapid City 135.50 pts 
         Gresham    118.28 pts

Rapid City Badlanders - Away

Top Performers - Kenny Britt 25.60
                           Steve Smith (CAR) 29.80

Gresham BackCrackerz - Home

Top Performers - Tom Brady 35.98
                           DeSean Jackson 16.20