Saturday, November 19, 2011

Week Eleven: Chino Hills Honeybadgers at Fargo Ghosts

The Secret Squadron get a visit from the Rabid Ratels as Chino Hills looks to head into the playoffs with a low seed by trying to take a win from the Fargo Ghosts.

AWAY: Chino Hills Honeybadgers

 HOME: Fargo Ghosts

Week Eleven: Yukon River 49ers vs OKC Lightning

Yukon comes back to the lower 48 and head to the Sooner State as the 49ers get set to take on the OKC Lightning.

AWAY: Yukon River 49ers

 HOME: OKC Lightning

Week Eleven: Bar 11 Simmental vs Ohio Ocelots

Bar 11 make the cross country journey to take on the Ohio Juggernaut.

AWAY: Bar 11 Simmental

HOME: Ohio Ocelots

Week Eleven: North Utah Woodsmen at Gresham BackCrackerz

North Utah is trying to secure their place in the playoffs by trying to steal a win over the Gresham BackCrackerz in their house.

AWAY: North Utah Woodsmen

HOME: Gresham BackCrackerz

Week Eleven: Delta Geonerds at Rapid City Badlanders

The Argyle is gonna fly when Delta travels to Rapid City in the second edition of the Argyle Bowl this season.

AWAY: Delta Geonerds

HOME:  Rapid City Badlanders

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Week Ten: North Utah Woodsmen at Fargo Ghosts

The Woodsmen are trying to get on the level with a win against the Ghosts as North Utah visits Fargo.

AWAY: North Utah Woodsmen

HOME: Fargo Ghosts

Week Ten: Chino Hills Honeybadgers at OKC Lightning

The Honeybadgers are coming off a rare loss and heading to OKC to play under the storm clouds as Chino Hills faces off against the Lightning.

AWAY: Chino Hills Honeybadgers                               


HOME: OKC Lightning

Week Ten: Ohio Ocelots at Yukon River 49ers

Ohio is heading up to the icy North as they break out the long-johns and face off against the 49ers in Fairbanks.

AWAY: Ohio Ocelots

HOME: Yukon River 49ers

Week Ten: Bar 11 Simmental vs Delta Geonerds

The Geonerds are getting the heavy duty corral panels out as the Bar 11 Simmental travel to Delta for this bash in the desert.

AWAY: Bar 11 Simmental

HOME: Delta Geonerds

Week Ten: Gresham BackCrackerz at Rapid City Badlanders

Gresham is looking for revenge as the BackCrackerz are heading into the Badlands to take on Rapid City.

AWAY: Gresham BackCrackerz

HOME: Rapid City Badlanders

Friday, November 4, 2011

Week Nine: OKC Lightning vs Fargo Ghosts

The OKC Lightning are trying to take one more step to get to .500 as they head north to North Dakota to take on the Ghosts.

AWAY: OKC Lightning

HOME: Fargo Ghosts

Week Nine: Chino Hills Honeybadgers vs. Ohio Ocelots

This is the definite GAME OF THE WEEK as the two highest scoring teams go face to face in this neutral site bash taking place in Omaha, Nebraska as the Chino Hills Honeybadgers look to go fang to fang against the Ocelots of Ohio!

RED: Chino Hills Honeybadgers

 BLACK: Ohio Ocelots

Week Nine: Delta Geonerds at Yukon River 49ers

It's gonna be a geographic donnybrook as the Geonerds travel to the far north to take on the goldminers of the Yukon River.

 AWAY - Delta Geonerds


HOME - Yukon River 49ers

Week Nine: Bar 11 Simmental at Gresham BackCrackerz

Gresham is looking forward to host the thundering herd of Bar 11 in this massive mangling melee waits to get underway!

AWAY: Bar 11 Simmental

HOME: Gresham Campgrounders (BackCrackerz in Throwback)

Week Nine: North Utah Woodsmen at Rapid City Badlanders

This weekend's slate of games begin in Rapid City as the the Axe wielding Woodsmen take on the Badlanders in what is expected to be a high scoring affair!

AWAY - North Utah Woodsmen

HOME - Rapid City Badlanders