Monday, January 15, 2018

Futbol as Football Series: PSPS Riau (PSPS Pekanbaru)

Futbol as Football Series: #PSPSPekanbaru / #PSPSRiau from the #Liga2 of #Indonesia.

Another big ole #THANKYOU for the folks from Indonesia who have visited the blog over the past few months.

While I was searching through the leagues for a team to possibly transpose from #Futbol team to #Football team, I came across the Wikipedia page from the Askar Bertuah (Lucky Warriors) and noticed their other nickname:


It was then ON like Donkey Kong! I immediately thought of the logo for the #ArkansasRazorbacks (one which i LOVE) and had to try to recreate the Hog into the Tapir. I haven't been able to draw a lot due to an injury I sustained (ahem - did to myself) to my hand back in August which has prevented me from drawing a lot. 

I didn't get a decent 1:1 recreation, yet I think I did an okay job.

#PSPS have had some nice kits over the years and I made a mix of an older jersey (which you can see at their facebook page) with their latest jumper from #CLCS. They have some neat designs on their home/away kits and I HAD to incorporate it into my mockups. Instead of having the yoke/stripe on the front of the jersey I swapped it to the back with a color patch on the back just like the Malaysian Tapir.  I also incorporated their Uniform Badge (with an American Football instead of a futbol).

This became a FUN jersey to create. For my Real World mock-up, I went with #SeigeSports who do the #USNFT (US National Football Team) U19,17,15 squads. I happened to come across a photo for the #USNFT U19 squad in preparation for the International Bowl (19s beat #TeamNordic, the 18-select lost to #UANLAutenticoTigres). Now, some of Siege's designs aren't my favorite, yet they have some pretty nice concepts/designs that do look wonderful! I went with their S3 template and I hope you enjoy.

Fonts used: Old School Athletic.

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Futbol as Football Series: Ansan Greener FC

Futbol as Football Series: #AnsanGreenerFC  from the #KLeagueChallenge of #SouthKorea.

Not only is this squad brand new to K League Challenge, they're brand new...


First year squad, Ansan Greener Green Wolves, finished 9th out of 10 in Challegne and have a handsome kit created by #Kelme. 

I dig the Mountain adorned chest #Chevron and kept it for the chest symbol of my generic/Real World mock-ups. I also added it to the shoulders. I also reduced the team's crest for the uniform. I placed the Chevron in the background in the same vein as #AdelaideUniversity #BacktheBlack's chest V.

I used #GeelongSportsAuthority's template for their "Fire & Ice" kits and kept the pattern from the generic concept for the Real World design.

Fonts used: Numbers - Zing Rust, Team Name - 210 Trigger B, Name on Back - 김제시체M, Helmet Stripe - Combo of Lemon/Milk & Keep Calm, Helmet symbol - North 

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Futbol as Football Series: Gyeongnam FC

Futbol as Football Series: #GyeongnamFC  from the #KLeagueClassic of #SouthKorea.

This is a BIG HOWDY DO to the folks who visited the blog from South Korea!

We've had quite a few folks fly into the blog from the ROK and here is one of a couple of concepts that I've chosen to do as a thank you.

The Roses were recently promoted from #KLeagueChallenge (2nd on South Korea's Futbol pyramid) to K League Classic. They have a beautiful kit from #Hummel with a nice two-part #sash on their home and away kits. 

I thought about putting a sash on my Football concepts (See Vasco de Gama Patriots from #Brazil), yet I thought this was a chance to use their kits as inspiration to make something new. While in the process of doing so, I also took inspiration from the Hummel chevrons to make a unique pinstripe/pant stripe. 

This became a unique look that is part #TexasA&M/part #NewYorkYankees. 

I did this for both the generic and "Real World" mock-ups.

For my "Real World" mock-up, I didn't go with Alpha Performance like I did last time. They are capable of sublimation/screen printing, though I went with #Sportek and their template which they created for the #ZemunPirates which fit well with my "generic" design. 

Fonts used: Numbers - Bohem Press, Name on Back - 210 Bananakiwi B, Name on Front - Nexeon Football Bold. 

Monday, December 25, 2017

Futbol as Football Series: CD Santurtzi KE

Futbol as Football Series: #CDSanturtziKE from the #TerceraDivision from #SanJorge in the #BasqueCountry of #Spain.

#TipOfTheHat to the folks who visited the blog from #Spain!

I dug through the different levels of Spanish Futbol and there are some coooool nicknames!

Such as #YellowSubmarine, #ClockworkCheddar, #ClockworkHazelnut, #Firmlanders -- I may have to go down those rabbit-holes in the future.

Plus, I haven't done a squad in my favorite color (or the accursed  sports color from PURPLE! Digging into #CDSanturtzi's website (through the translate function) and looking for a nickname for the squad I learned the team is nicknamed the #PurpleOnes, #SpartaClub (first squads), and #Santurtzians.

Their first kit is... UNIQUE!  

And that's in a GOOOOOOOD way!!

I decided to use their camiseta design to see how it would look on a jersey. Part of my shtick is seeing how futbol shirts would possibly translate directly onto gridiron templates. Other times it's configuring what is there into something  a bit different, or just reworking the whole daggum thing into somethine totally new.

I did a bit of the first and second to come up with some concepts. I did a straight copy/paste to come up with a mine idea then I took some of the outlines from the original to create a shoulder cap/side panel then a yoke/side panel idea. For the 1-to-1 comparison, I went with a font design as similar to their kit as I could. For my off designs, I went with something with harder edges.

I only converted two of my designs from my "Generic" mock-ups  to convert into my "Real World" designs. I went with #TNKD and the magic they can make with sublimation.

Expect more concepts from the Spanish divisions soon!

Fonts used: Numbers: Komika Title - Axis & H74 Ocelot Piss, Name on Back: Bolivia No Problem, Team Name: fs.hello

Friday, December 15, 2017

Futbol as Football Series: Levide IF

Futbol as Football Series: #LevideIF from the #GotlandsFotbollförbund from the island of #Gotland from #Sweden.

I came across Gotland and #LevideIF while searching through participants of the Island Games and members of the Confederation of Independent Football Associations. 

#NonFIFA squads

I discovered Gotland through this search and decided to dig a bit deeper into their competitions. 

This led me to Levide IF. Their squad badge is so neat! Not taking away from other teams on the island - just this one looked ready to go for a football helmet -

And even to use on parts of the uniform.

Their main kit made by #Nike POPS! It looks like FK Yakutia Yakut's main strip.

Plus their secondary Black kit is killlllllllllller! Since I've already experimented with gradient stripes/gradient looks on uniforms and thought that might be too much to do too soon.

Then I settled on the stylized stripe (can't remember the name of that style) for the front of the kit and the pants. I also used the branches from around the squad's badge to use as shoulder stripes. I also decided to scrap the helmet stripe and go with front/back TV Numbers.

For my "Real World" mock-ups I chose Nike's Hypercool uniforms and was able to translate my #Generic look into a #RealWorld possiblity.

I also kept the #HoopedSocks!

Font used: Hansief


Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Futbol as Football Series: Greve Fodbold

Futbol as Football Series: #GreveFodbold from the #Danish2ndDivision from #Denmark.

This is another tip of the hat to the guests we had from Denmark.

Denmark has a healthy #AmericanFootball heritage, so me doing a #FutbolasFootball concept in a way seems redundant (with my growing education of the AmFLs around the world!). 

Has this stopped me? NO!

I dipped into Danish Divisions of Futbol and settled on the Danish 2nd Division squad Greve Fodbold because the city symbol on their badge would look great on a lid!

Plus their nickname is Den Blå Bølge (The #BlueWave #DenBlåBølge). I thought about redoing the Fighting Green Wave from Tulane/Narrows HS (VA)/Ashbrook HS (NC) to put on the uniform...

I passed on it, so I'll show you here -- cause I'm nutty like that!

I found a cool minimalist wave from and it has become a nice shoulder symbol.

For both my "Generic" and "Real World" mock-ups I adapted the collar design from the Greve Fodbold Ladies' squad. @grevefodboldkvinder

I kept the pant stripe and helmet stripe simple. I tried using a wave style pant stripe and I changed my mind. There's enough going on with the helmet and shoulder design that I went simple. 


Since Hummel does their real world futbol kit, I was thinking which American Football kit manufacturer I could go with. After two minutes of deliberation, I settled on #AlphaPerformance. I have been following their designs and I seriously hope they get a bigger foothold in the sporting world! I like Nike's uniforms, I am fine with some of what UnderArmour does, Adidas... they have some good uniforms. The #A is doing some big things in the European leagues and hopefully they can get a few more teams here in the US and could hang with the big 3 manufacturers and could surpass Russell. 


I went with their V8 pants and their V9 jerseys. Check out England's national Gridiron squad who flosses in Alpha V9 outfit system. Throw in #SaarlandHurricanes, #SchwäbischHallUnicorns, #AFCBiennaJets, #WasaRoyals, #FortBendStorm.

I also placed #Sjaelland's logo on the back of the helmet and used Denmark's alternative flag on the jerseys.

Font Used: New Athletic M54, Wordmark: Gentlemanly and Excelsior Sans.