Sunday, February 24, 2013

Letter Fronted Football Uniforms - My take!

With the Wisconsin and Nebraska unis that were worn on the field this past year, and throw in Louisiana-Lafayette's Fleur-Di-Lis fronted uniforms, I decided to do my own mock-ups for rivalries around the nation. I used historical photos and some personal pizzazz to create theses prototypes.

BYU v Utah:

BYU resources (circa 1941 uniforms):
(Thank Ruben Zendejas for some inspiration)

Utah resources:

UNC v NC State

(1960s-1970s Helmet)

NC State

Clemson v South Carolina

Clemson: (For SC see the 1930s Gamecocks)

South Carolina:
(Thanks to Beau Franklin of Uni-Watch fame

North Dakota v North Dakota State

North Dakota:

North Dakota State

 Wyoming v Utah State (Future Mountain West Rivalry)

 Wyoming (1896 and on)


Utah State (1930)

Virginia Tech (Early 1900s) v East Carolina (1941)

Virginia Tech

East Carolina

Furman v Citadel

Furman (Target Centered Jerseys from their Orange Bowl);sort:Date_Original,Title,Identifier;lc:furmanfdc~65~65,furmanfdc~60~60,furmanfdc~66~66,furmanfdc~53~53,furmanfdc~57~57,furmanfdc~107~107,furmanfdc~67~67,furmanfdc~21~21,furmanfdc~39~39,furmanfdc~61~61,furmanfdc~11~11,furmanfdc~12~12,furmanfdc~56~56&mi=19&trs=250,-Furman-Football-Player?sort=Date_Original%2CTitle%2CIdentifier&qvq=q:football;sort:Date_Original%2CTitle%2CIdentifier;lc:furmanfdc~65~65,furmanfdc~60~60,furmanfdc~66~66,furmanfdc~53~53,furmanfdc~57~57,furmanfdc~107~107,furmanfdc~67~67,furmanfdc~21~21,furmanfdc~39~39,furmanfdc~61~61,furmanfdc~11~11,furmanfdc~12~12,furmanfdc~56~56&mi=0&trs=250

Citadel (1905) (VMI),r:0,s:0,i:72

Oklahoma v Arkansas

Oklahoma (1934)

Arkansas (1910s, 1933, 1950s)

(My Take) Nebraska v Missouri


Missouri (1940s, 1970s, 1980s, 2000s),r:11,s:72,i:40