Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Futbol as Football Series: FK Jagodina

Futbol as Football Series:  FK Jagodina from the Serbian First League.

It's been a WHILE and now I'm climbing back into the saddle with another concept. This is a tip of the hat to a guest we had from Serbia a few months ago.

If you have seen a pattern in my designs, or rather what teams I concept, I sometimes go for neat designs, unique liveries, or cool nicknames.

FKJ goes by two nicknames. The Blues and the Turkeys.


Legea produces the current Jagodina kits which sport a three part sash similar to the Under Armour treatment of Tottenham Hotspur. For my "Real World" concept, I went with Alleson as a corollary using their Highlight template alongside their Stripes program to make it happen. (There is another template I mixed with the Highlight for a standard game day look which I'll get for you later).

For the Turkey, I went back to Deviant Art and used Sammy Jae's "Tribal Turkey" which you can find here: http://sammyjae.deviantart.com/art/Turkey-156737773.

I'll get you the fonts used later.

Update 25 October 2016: The normal game day jersey is based on the Championship Stripes/Highlight Jersey. The pants are JDF18's and the fonts used are: Affogato for numbers and name with Magnolia for the team name on front. 

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