Saturday, August 6, 2016

Futbol as Football Series: AS Riviere du Rempart

Futbol as Football Series: AS Riviere du Rempart from the Mauritian League.

This is a shout out to our lone visitor from the island nation of  Mauritius!

I was searching through the teams within the Top Flight of Mauritian football and I came across the the Young Eagles which looked like a fun squad to concept! I converted the squad's badge into what you see to your left for the Helmets.

This one has taken me quite a bit longer to do than most concepts. When I discover a team to do I always have a Real World template to convert my designs into. I couldn't find a uniform manufacturer for Riviere's kits so I went with an  underutilized football manufacturer Healy. With each manufacturer I use, I try to convert their designs into Tim E O'Brien's football uniform template.

For my generic design I decided on an Asymmetrical pattern for something completely different!  This proved my choice of Healy to be on point! Healy has a few asymmetrical designs which I think you can take my pattern and convert it easily. Heck, Healy has options for sublimated uniforms which makes the sky the limit to what you want to do.

In order to get my Real World design you would have to adapt Healy's Bulldog/San Leandro and Riders jersey templates with WIldmill/Thunders/Rempart/Anbock Pants. Hey, Healy - you can call this the Rempart!

Fonts used: Converted helmet symbol/team name on front: Atara, Name on Back
Numbers: TratexSvart.




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