Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Futbol as Football Series: FK Atlantas

Futbol as Football Series: FK Atlantas from the Lithuanian A Lyga.

This is a big ole "Thank You" to the folks from Lithuania who have visited the blog recently. The next countries I intend to do concepts from are the Philippines and India. I've had quite a few visitors from that neck of the woods and I need to show them some love.

A Lyga has a few cool club crests. Check out FK Lietava Jonava and FC Stumbras for starters. When I came across Atlantas', as you can figure out, I was hooked! 

A SEAHORSE! I haven't worked with a seahorse before and thought this was a perfect fit for my wild mind despite doing Blue and Gold several times before. 

I removed the futbol from their current badge for the helmet decal. I tried to replicate the "ATLANTAS" from the badge for a chest plate and fleshed out the club's Seahorse for a shoulder crest.

I adapted the squad's Jako kit for my "generic template" keeping the company's 5 circle symbol on the shoulders and the pants. I used the club's wave from the crest and placed it behind the Seahorse on the shoulders. 

Last time I did a Jako club I used Rawlings as a corollary. Since I used Rawlings for my last project, and for this concept I went with Wilson. I used Wilson's Corvalis template for the jersey and their FCP39 for the pants. 

Fonts used: NOB/Atlantas - Baron Neue Black, Numbers - Titr.