Friday, January 6, 2017

Futbol as Football Series: Kaya FC

Futbol as Football Series: Kaya FC from the United Football Leauge from the Philippines.

We've had a few folks from the Philippines visit the blog and this is a big ole "Thank You" to you!

The founders of Kaya FC were heavily influenced by Raggae music and can be seen in the clubs colors red, green, yellow and black.

Kaya's crest is fairly simple and I decided to search DeviantART and the web for possible symbols to represent the club. One of the biggest symbols from Bob Marley and Raggae is the "Lion of Judah". It was pretty tough to sift through the results and find something that was suitable. 

The Helmet Lion is from wall art and the original file is here. The Transformer-type symbol is a variation of Chrispy Dubstep's symbol created by Peanut91xD which you can find at DeviantART

For the "generic" template I kept with Kaya's home kit with slim hoops on the front for both the home and away uniforms. I stuck with a simple pant stripe down the side and Green, Yellow and Red stripes on the Lids and socks.

LGR Athletics makes Kaya's kits and I decided that a corollary would be Healy Sportswear. They have a massive catalog to choose from and choose I did. I used Healy's Barracuda Jersey template and a hybrid of their Bronco and Arizona Knights pants. I didn't use the microhoops on the "Real World" template because I wanted something that stood apart from the soccer kit. 

I'm crazy like that.

Fonts used: Numbers - UK Number Plate; Team Name on Front: Scriptonite. 

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